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922 South Morton Street
Bloomington, IN, 47403
United States


Cardinal Spirits is a craft distillery in Bloomington, Indiana that specializes in producing extraordinary spirits from local ingredients.  

Coffee Roasters

Our Songbird Craft Coffee Liqueur is made using lots of fresh-roasted coffee beans. We've collaborated with local roasters in each state to supply our coffee beans, giving Songbird a local flavor and supporting our fellow local businesses. Here are the suppliers we currently work with:



Good friends and great roasters, right down the street from the distillery. When we're ready for a batch, they roast it, rest it for a day, then bring it down the B-Line in a little red wagon!

Hopscotch roasts a single-origin Nicaraguan bean from Chimborazo for our Indiana version of Songbird. The bean is Red Catuai, fully-washed and sun-dried. The roast is called "full city" (a degree of roast of coffee beans which is darker than a city roast.)


Some of the nicest people on Earth - their name is very accurate! They are located in Louisville, and sell their coffee wholesale to many of the best bars and restaurants around town.

Good Folks dark-roasts a blend of Brazilian and Colombian beans for our Kentucky version of Songbird. They sell this blend as well under the brand Fast Track. Notes of dark brown sugar, caramel, and semi-sweet chocolate.