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922 South Morton Street
Bloomington, IN, 47403
United States


Cardinal Spirits is a craft distillery in Bloomington, Indiana that specializes in producing extraordinary spirits from local ingredients.  

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Cardinal Spirits Gift Guide 2016

Devynn Barnes

What if a place existed where you could find a holiday gift for both your hard-to-please aunt and crafty brother-in-law? A true one-stop shop full of unique, local and crowd-pleasing items to make your holiday shopping a breeze? Well, we may be biased, but we think Cardinal Spirits is that place. 

We're here to help you be the MVP of the gift-giving season. From yummy spirits to cool drinking vessels to gift cards, Cardinal Spirits can help you find the perfect gift for even the trickiest members of your crew. Like, perhaps:

Your trendy cousin whose tastes tastes are always changing...

The Holiday Gift Box

What never goes out of style? Spirits. And great news: our 3-pack gift box is customizable! Choose from our Vodka, Tiki Rum, Standard Dry Gin, Bramble, Songbird Coffee Liqueur and Songbird Flora, all in 375ml bottles — that's half the size of our regular bottles. Need some inspiration? Check out the My Perfect 3-Pack series on the blog

$40 at the distillery  |  order online for local pick-up

Your aunt who is always trying out new Pinterest recipes...

Indiana Cocktail Recipes Book

We've put together a beautiful collection of 40+ cocktail recipes from Indiana bartenders using Cardinal Spirits. It's organized by season, with easy, medium and challenging recipes. 85 pages of pretty pictures and delicious cocktails: perfect. 

$12.95 at the distillery and online, or $10 with any bottle purchase

Your extra-picky sister who you know will just return whatever you get her anyway...

Gift Cards (With a Holiday Bonus!)

Gift cards: the true hero of the holiday season. Ours are available starting at $10, and they are easier than wrapping a cocktail. Gift cards can be used toward cocktails, bottles, food, tours and merchandise at the distillery.

Holiday bonus: For every $100 purchased in gift cards, you'll receive a bonus gift card worth $20.

Starting at $10 at the distillery and online

Your brother-in-law who swears he needs nothing...

A Cardinal Spirits Flask

It's like we always say: You can never have too many flasks. That's why they make such great gifts. We have 3 types with our logo: a little metal guy with a clip for backpacks, a leather-wrapped one and a cool porthole style. A great gift especially when paired with a bottle of our spirits. 

Starting at $15 at the distillery and online

The resident whiskey-drinker of your family/friend group...

The Perfect Whiskey Glass

These eccentric whiskey glasses were discovered by our friend David Hill of the Malt Guild. After years of research in Scotland with the best Scotch distillers in the world, he found this glass (a Turkish design) to best express the nose and taste of a fine whiskey.

$25 for a set of two at the distillery and online

Your mom, who graciously hosts Christmas dinner every year...



This liqueur is the gift that keeps on giving. Warm, spicy and nutty, Nocino tastes like the holidays. This liqueur is a traditional Italian liqueur made with green, unripe walnuts. For our version, we harvested walnuts right here in Indiana, then combined them with our vodka and spices, and let that steep for months. The result: A luscious, mellow, earthy elixir. Local, unique and delicious. Do we hear "favorite child?" We thought so. 

$28 for a 375ml bottle at the distillery

So there you have it! A selection of personal, unique gifts to make your holiday shopping a little easier. Come by the distillery or check out the online marketplace to browse our whole selection. And of course,