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922 South Morton Street
Bloomington, IN, 47403
United States


Cardinal Spirits is a craft distillery in Bloomington, Indiana that specializes in producing extraordinary spirits from local ingredients.  

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Craftpack, Vol. 33

Erica Sagon

How to make a cocktail look like a sunset.

Loving these punch glasses from Dave Wondrich's new barware line.

This mojito recipe is anything but the usual suspect. 

A guide to American pét-nat — aka naturally sparkling, freestyle wines, aka the hot new-new.

This list of Saveur's annual blog awards nominees is a great cheat-sheet for food & drink blogs you should be reading.


Craftpack, Vol. 32

Erica Sagon

Links that make you go Hmmm...

First things first: We're hiring an Editorial Intern. Are you the superstar we're looking for?

Stranger Things drinking game

Cardinal Spirits and our Bramble Mules get a shout-out in this travel guide to Bloomington

The ultimate Midwestern summer job used to be ... what?!

Tasting notes for hemp vodkas if you're into that sort of thing

Why blender drinks are back (plus recipes)

Craftpack, Vol. 31

Erica Sagon


Don't you think this phenomenal series (which is back for a 3rd season on Sept. 2) could do a spinoff on bartenders? 

You loved Rabble Rouser when it was on our cocktail menu months ago. Now try making it at home

Lava bitters, Birkir and sheep dung: a fascinating look at Iceland's craft cocktail movement 

A behind-the-scenes peek at Cardinal Spirits 

Aaaaah-what? Matthew McConaughey is the new creative director for this bourbon brand

Craftpack, Vol. 30

Erica Sagon

Everyone's been freaking out about this twist on a Moscow Mule

PSA: Margarita burn is a real, terrifying thing 

Historic punch paraphernalia coming soon to Cocktail Kingdom 

Not a craft spirits link, but holy smokes: Dollar Shave Club, the brand with these genius commercials, sells for $1 billion.   

Would you drink a Cha-Chunker?

Craftpack, Vol. 28

Olivia Gerdom

Links that make you go Hmmm.

Anxiously awaiting the next season of GOT? Keep this GOT cocktail list in mind for your future watching parties.

A refreshing, effortless, summery cocktail recipe for this week.

Can't wait to take a peek inside this smart cocktail book

SUNDAY! SUNDAY! SUNDAY (bottle sales)!

Five summer cocktails built for batching. 

The prettiest cocktail photos in all the land.

Craftpack, Vol. 27

Olivia Gerdom

If you want to see the "world's cutest cocktail" — which, by the way, comes right out of Indiana — check this one out

Indiana bartenders: Be a part of this all-Indiana cocktail recipe book

Bored of your typical breakfast? These cereal cocktails will spice things up a bit.

It's Saturday night and you're settled in with a glass of wine cozied up next to your cat. Don't drink alone! Now your little feline friend can enjoy a glass, too.

This Summer of Love punch is a lovely way to celebrate the first real week of summer.



Craftpack, Vol. 26

Erica Sagon

Links that make you go Hmmm.

Before you crack open that $14 mini liquor bottle, read how to hack a cocktail in your hotel room

Whoa: 1 in 7 spirit launches worldwide are craft spirits

Cardinal Spirits is now sold at the largest liquor store in the U.S. — The Party Source in Bellevue, Ky. (and we're distributing throughout Kentucky!)

The secrets that make "Chef's Table" sooooo good 

Homes & Lifestyles magazine goes behind the bar with Cardinal Spirits co-founder Adam Quirk

Homemade limoncello and 19 other fun kitchen projects for this summer


Erica Sagon

What cocktail pairs best with your zodiac sign? (Looks like it’s a mojito for me!)
Cardinal Spirits is officially in Kentucky! Here are some awesome pictures of the launch party with our new Louisville friends at Good Folks Coffee Company.
Grapes, potatoes, grains, and now this?!?!  Vodka truly can be made with almost anything.
Now that lake season is in full swing, check out these rum cocktail recipes to go along with your fun in the sun.
This cool business is changing the game when it comes to booze delivery services.



Erica Sagon

Links that make you go Hmmm.

This rare 1960s yo-yo cocktails shaker is pretty magnificent. 

A week in the life of a traveling cocktail bar in a vintage Airstream (straight outta Pinterest, folks)

The best use of carrot juice is without a doubt in this fantastic punch recipe called 24 Carrot Gold by Cardinal bartender Baylee Pruitt — and, it is featured on Imbibe right now!

“It looks a bit strange, but we don’t care—it’s part of our strategy.” It's Spezi, the ugly German soda with a top-secret recipe

Backseat Freestyle isn't just a Kendrick Lamar song, it's also a tasty cocktail with Tiki Rum, blackberries and licorice root tea.


Erica Sagon

Links that make you go Hmmm.

Easter Bunny-approved: Lucky Guy brownies paired with a Bramble Russian, all of Easter weekend at the distillery

Where have all of the flair bartenders gone?

The only Irish Coffee recipe you need this St. Patrick's Day

Bourbon or rye? With blended cocktails, you don't have to choose

Cosmopolitans were so '90s. What's the "it" cocktail of this decade, then?