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922 South Morton Street
Bloomington, IN, 47403
United States


Cardinal Spirits is a craft distillery in Bloomington, Indiana that specializes in producing extraordinary spirits from local ingredients.  

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Erica Sagon

Lake House Spiced Rum will be available at the distillery starting Friday, 4/29, at noon.

It's almost lake time.

Yes, that glorious time of year when us landlocked people of the Midwest start thinking about water. We flock to lakes and rivers, rent cabins and pitch tents, and some of us get invited to a lake house. The fortunate few actually own one (Hi, we’d like to come over. We will bring the booze.).

Our newest spirit is a celebration of all things landlocked - namely lakes and the people who frequent them.

Introducing: Lake House Spiced Rum.

Lake House Spiced Rum is made in small batches from natural, whole botanical ingredients like orange peel, vanilla and cardamom — no flavoring extracts, no coloring. It is fermented and distilled from cane juice, light molasses, sweet hefeweizen yeast and a yeast found on wild sugarcane. It's pleasantly sweet, with a warming, earthy spice.

Maybe the last time you drank spiced rum was from a red Solo cup in college.

And maybe you poured it from a big bottle with a handle at every house party you ever went to, and maybe you've sworn it off since then.

If so, let us be the first to welcome you back to spiced rum.

Lake House Spiced Rum is entirely different, and here's why: Most mass-produced rums are made with a lot of sugar and flavor extracts and coloring. They're made to taste just shy of sickeningly sweet.

We avoided all of that, and still made an incredibly flavorful and fun-to-drink spiced rum. Lake House Spiced Rum is made with orange peel, vanilla, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper and a secret botanical ingredient that ties everything together, and balances this rum like nothing else on the market.

We repeat: no flavor extracts and no caramel coloring. Both the beautiful hue and flavor comes entirely from the natural, whole spices and botanicals that steep in the rum.

Land dwellers, this new spirit goes out to you.

The coming months are all about tall glasses filled with something fizzy and ice-cold to sip on, like a rum-and-Coke or a Dark and Stormy with rum, ginger beer and lime.

Lake House Spiced Rum hits the spot when you're grilling out. It's the perfect boat cocktail for a Saturday on the water. It's what you bring to your neighbor's pool party. It's your reward after cutting the grass. It's meant for nights spent around a campfire.

Lake House Spiced Rum is also a perfect match for tropical drinks and even classic cocktails (try it in an Old Fashioned).

But, back to rum-and-Cokes for a minute. Did we mention that Lake House makes a damn good one? Like, the best. Our distiller Justin Hughey says a lot of spiced rums don't punch through Coke, but ours definitely does. The cardamom especially comes through. Join us on release day to find out just how refreshing it is.

As with all of our new spirits, Lake House Spiced Rum will be available first at the distillery.
Bottle sales start Friday, 4/29, at noon, and we'll have free samples and special spiced rum-cocktails all weekend.