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922 South Morton Street
Bloomington, IN, 47403
United States


Cardinal Spirits is a craft distillery in Bloomington, Indiana that specializes in producing extraordinary spirits from local ingredients.  

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The Perfect Whiskey Glass

Adam Quirk

Our friend David Hill has created the perfect whiskey glass, The Blasadh.

We asked him to describe the glass, and the reasoning behind its creation.  

"Here's the starting point.  Alcohol vapors are lighter than the other volatile organic compounds and esters that make up the nose of a whisky.  In a typical glass that narrows toward the top, the aromas are concentrated inward - but so is the alcohol.  Consequently, anything above 43% is impossible to accurately nose due to the spirit "burn".

The shape of this glass does 3 things.


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Why Field Notes are the perfect gift

Jeff Wuslich

I like to keep organized. Over the years, I’ve used a lot of systems to keep track of my to-do lists, random ideas, notes from meetings, and design sketches. I had a palm pilot in the 90s. I went through the Franklin-Covey system. I kept index cards in my pocket. I used (and still use) every 37signals product. There is no perfect system, of course, but Fields Notes comes pretty close. Here are my reasons why:

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